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12 Lessons All Men Could Learn From Justin Bieber

Wait, could this be a pro-Bieber article?

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Justin Bieber does the most interesting, odd and sometimes arrogant things. Most certainly worth noting and learning from. Follow these 12 lessons and before you know it, you will have a strong opinion formed about your charisma and the way you look in underwear. Am I allowed to be writing this? 

 Be Inspired By Clever Icons


Is there a more clever and iconic male icon?

Appreciate The Possibilities of Your Position


Should be an obvious one, really.

Have A Sense Of Humor 

 Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 10.36.06 AM

But know guns are very, very wrong.

When Angry, Wear Red


Give people a heads up when your about to lunge into their face, or camera.

Find An Accessory You Love And Wear It A Lot 


Bieber wears a bold fedora whenever pounding the high street or, er, riding in cars with girls.

Look Good With A Baby




Not cool to be cold. 

Know When It’s Time For A Hair Cut


Another, obvious one.

Know When Taking A Selfie Is Appropriate


When standing next to Karl Lagerfeld would be a good time.

And When It Isn’t  

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No bathroom selfies please.

Go Blonde At One Point In Your Life


Find out if blondes have more fun.

Don’t be Afraid Of A Sweater Dress


Just go for it.