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15 Questions About ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6, Episode 5

Watched through two face palms with spread-open fingers.

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Grab your Jon Snow faux fur jacket and goblet of red wine because ‘Game of Thrones’ is heating up people! Some serious stuff went down in Sunday’s ‘Game of Thrones’ episode. In a sentence, many a frozen dudes, baggy clothes and a bunch of dead people, otherwise known as three reasons why we are so terribly obsessed with this amazing show.

Here are some questions I had about ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6, Episode 5. (PS: Spoiler alerts below.)



  1. Is anyone else still hung up on the fact that Jon Snow’s resurrection a few weeks ago included a haircut?
  2. Why did Sansa lie to Jon?
  3. When did Sansa find the time to make all these fur coats?
  4. Any one else felt really bad for Theon when Euron Greyjoy made some emasculating jokes at his expense.
  1. Where are Theon and Yara sailing to and how did that get enough men to sail all of those ships?
  1. What is with Arya having to watch this third-rate theater troupe mocking her family?
  1. And then there was that penis shot. Were the writers responding to the calls for more male nudity on the show?
  1. Be careful what you wish for, I guess?
  1. Oh hey, didn’t Stannis actually found a way to stop Shireen’s greyscale before it reached Stone Men status?
  1. So these odd little Children of the Forest were the ones who invented White Walkers in the first place, as weapons against humanity?
  1. Anyone else need a glass of wine to get through the White Walker invasion?
  1. Did you notice how Meera, Bran’s protector, dispatched that swordsman in a similar fashion to how Jon Snow dispatched that swordsman’s twin last season at Hardhome?
  1. Perhaps her spear was tipped in dragonglass?
  1. Wait, wait, wait, so Hodor meant “hold the door this emtire time??”
  1. The writers this season are totally winking at the universe beyond the Known World more frequently this season. Arent they?

R.I.P. Summer, killed by winter.

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