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A Case For The Banana

This is what happens when my phone dies in a waiting room.

08 . 20 . 14



tumblr_n3pqb6X3mT1qgvybqo1_1280Last week my phone died while I was in the waiting room at my dentist. In know, I know, trevisty. “What the hell did he do”” you may be wondering. Well I actually stumbled upon an old issue of the New Yorker from 2010 and thought it would be interesting to be reminded of what was happing the year I graduated college. What I discovered was shocking – 2010 wasn’t a good year for the banana.

The banana, my favorite fruit, was wrongly and unnecessarily attacked by a writer from the New Yorker. The banana, a fruit that inspired the great Andy Warhol to produce an iconic and legendary screen print, is the super-model of fruit, not just something you eat in the privacy of your home then quickly discard the evidence of which. The banana should be eaten proudly in public, proclaiming, “Look at my great appreciation for health and style!” The writer hurled some very hurtful accusations against this innocent and modish fruit. He proclaimed that the banana should not be eaten in public.


I challenge this notion, asking readers to continue to eat this inspirational fruit in public places. The banana provides a pop of color to your everyday costume and, when eaten properly, can be perhaps the most sensual, delicate act that can be conducted in public without being arrested. Warhol and Chiquita both saw something glamorous in this mundane, yet fascinating, fruit, trumpeting its stardom among other less illustrious fruits.


The banana is innocent of the writer’s accusations; its only fault is bringing positive energy to the eater, as it is a proven natural antidepressant. Shall I remind you of Chiquita and her delicious advice and melody about how fabulous the banana is, or the velvet underground, or when Rachel Zoe used to go bananas on Bravo? The banana is not an embarrassing fruit at all. It is a pioneer in the movement toward chic eating in public.  So join me and take to Instagram to show how you eat a banana in public using the hashtag #bananaflash.