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Can A Guy Be A Basic Bitch?

Can a basic bitch throw back a pumpkin spice latte faster then he/she can put on a pair of Uggs?

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New York Magazine’s fashion site, The Cut recently broke down the term “ basic bitch ” and got me thinking about the way we use it in our daily lexicon pertaining to modern men because I believe a basic bitch can be anyone holding  a pumpkin spice latte.

Men are “basic.” This certainly is nothing new. Remember Doug Funny’s closet? The same T-shitrs and trousers 10 times. Unfortunately this is the case in the majority of the average guys closest around the globe. Have you seen a red carpet event recently? From a distance guys looks like tiny yin yang symbols that are rolled around by their glittering eye-catching counterpart that’s clad in some salacious plunging Versace number.

Calling a man “Basic” has become a basic statement itself due to the term’s mainstream usage, and does lack the same cattiness when thrown at a female. However as The Cut so brilliantly divulged, being a basic bitch is so much more then apparel and lifestyle choices. It is a state of mind. A Lauren Conrad or Justin Bieber mentality, so to speak. Charming, but as basic as having a Greek yogurt for breakfast every morning.

Calling a man a “Bitch” is another matter in our society, although growing up me and my brothers did often refer to one other by the slur. I would also like to take this time to note that the biggest bitches I have met through the course of my life were men. But no matter guys ability to get their bitch on, and we all know they can, the standalone term unfortunately still carries weight in supporting our male hierarchy of culture.

However, today I’m here to tell you that when the two words combine, it becomes a genderless term.  When I think of a person who is a “basic bitch” my mind goes to leggings, gel-manicures, safe t-shirt options, uggs, flip-flops, polos, baggy tees, khakis, a hairstyle complete with one or two shaved sides, a topknot, or even more basic, both; minimalist backpacks, North Faces and light weight scarves. Got the image down?

Their lifestyle can be just as androgynous – Soul Cycle, Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Latte, sugar filled Juice’s wearing a mossgreen-colored veil, jamming to T-Swift or Dave Matthews, reading Us Weekly and selfies, selfies, selfies. Genderless right? And sometimes hard to avoid.

So ladies and gents break out your umbrellas, because no sex is safe from “basic bitch” shade. Except maybe Bruce Jenner.