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Hey It’s Instagram, You’re No Longer Famous

Because you can’t cheat Instagram.

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Hey you. Yes you, the guy sitting there in the café of Prince Street in the pink plaid sweater and black fedora. You who just posted a selfie on Instagram. They guy who earlier also snapped an image of your coffee so delicately perched at the edge of the white marble table to allow your shoes to be in the frame. You who just received an alarmingly large amount of likes from people that may, or may not exist on planet earth as a result of purchasing many of your so-called followers.

I have bad news for you. Your Instagram cred is about to fall faster then Mariah Carey’s after singing at the Rockefeller tree lighting ceremony.

Although Instagram has announced months ago that they plan to deactivate “fake and spammy accounts”, it plans to definitively delete these Insta-bots in the upcoming days. Yes they are sorting through their more than 300 million active users to clean up the app’s metrics as more marketers begin using Instagram for advertising.

So when your once impressive 120ks depreciate to astonishing 230, we will know that even within the realm of cyber wonder and apps for everything, you cant cheat Instagram.

Now, hopefully no one points fingers in the direction of judgment or fault, we live in a world that puts to much weight on social cyber worth, but let this be a lesson for the new year. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and stop posting those awkward selfies that no one cares about, and post a picture of a cute dog or tiny kitten instead.