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Janet Jackson Empowers Us All

When I was growing up, I would lock myself in my room and break most of my furniture while trying to reenact every move from the “Rhythm Nation” music video.

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I could not be more thrilled to link up with Uber again in celebration of women’s empowerment.

This time around I got to join the iconic Janet Jackson at the Harlem Day Block Party. For those of you that don’t know, Harlem Day is an annual community-based festival with 40,000 in attendance. The theme this year was Women Transforming Our World, Past Present & Future. The day was filled with lots of fun

events and people out in the streets having a great time eating, laughing, singing, dancing and jump-roping.


A true icon for women’s empowerment, Janet Jackson was presented with an achievement award. Janet Jackson is the perfect example of women’s empowerment for me. She represents strength, authenticity, originality and overall boundary breaking badassness. She encourages people to come together and dance in one rhythm.

Listening to Janet speak I was reminded of just how transformative women have been in my life. When I was growing up, I would lock myself in my room and break most of my furniture while trying to reenact every move from the “Rhythm Nation” music video. I remember feeling so insecure and confused at that age. I was not yet out of the closet and didn’t really have any friends in school. But listening to Janet made me feel free and present. There is something about her unwavering confidence and kindness that really resonates with me. Being brought up by 3 strong women I felt connected to her strong feminine spirit.

Fast forward to now still dancing in my room to Janet’s new song “Made For Now.” But now I am celebrating my life and the strength I devolved because of strong women that always surrounded me and the strength they helped me find within myself. It is because of the strong women in my life that I was and still am able to to overcome the challenges I face.

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  • Rob says:

    I love Ms. Janet and definitely consider her an example of women’s empowerment

  • Rel says:

    You guys totally missed the point. Aretha was from a time streaming was not there. But I wanted to say is that Whitney was really the first woman along with Madonna to be a GLOBAL superstar apart from a phenomenal artist. And it showed even after legendary Aretha´s death and Whitney´s death. Oh and I said it because I wanted too and because I had just checked itunes. And to make people see how irrelevant someone like Arina will be (hell and is even now already). Whut PLEASE! Billboard can say whatever they want because they do some random lists including singles charting and all that pshit. But Celine Dion has sold SO MANY more MILLION albums than Janet in the USA alone. Worldwide the difference is so much bigger. So no, Janet is not more successful than Celine.

  • Jeff says:


  • ANN says:

    OMG I LOVE Janet!! This is so touching! I am in love with you

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