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Justin Bieber Models For Calvin Klein and Grabs Lara Stone’s Booty

This is not a drill.

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The Tumblr so interesting called Justin Bieber’s Bulge will be happy about this one.

After months (ten months to be exact) of speculation surrounding Bieber and his obsession with #hisCalvins, it is finally official. Bieber is sliding into the covetable role of Calvin Klein model and cozying up to Lara Stone.

Justin Bieber

Back in September when ‘Fashion Rocks’ was relaunched this year at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, Bieber took the stage with now fellow Calvin Klein model Lara Stone and stripped down to his CK underwear.

A snippet of a video released on the brand’s Twitter account hinted at this collaboration showing a shadowed figure beating on the drums in all black-and-white. He’s shirtless, and has an unmistakable little hair flip. Evidence enough for me.

In the high contrast black and white ads Justin stands in front of a topless Lara Stone as she grabs in his abs and so delicate slips a thumb down the front of his trousers.

I guess now there’s a reason for him to walk around shirtless with his underwear on display. Right?