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Men’s Eyebrow Salute

Chest up, shoulders back and tweezers down.

09 . 24 . 14



Men's Eyebrow Salute

So let’s discuss men’s eyebrow grooming and the overlooked brow themselves. Eyebrows are prolific and can be quite delicate. Don’t believe me? Just ask anyone who made one false move with a tweezer. They do an awful great deal for us on the daily but rarely do we credit them for being down right awesome. Most of the time we are plucking, threading, waxing, cutting, lasering and shaving them (wait, men please don’t shave your brows).

We curse their rapid ability to sprout new growths so darn hastily and those pesky ingrown hairs that torment us with their frustratingly provoking presence that an incredibly skilled surgeon wouldn’t even be able to remove.


Oh Eyebrows. Although they have the potential to possibly grow into some of our foreheads and completely take over our face, they’re our secret weapon. Could you imagine a world without eyebrows? That expression-less, eyebrows-less world where sweat running down your forehead would completely stop you in your tracks? Working out would be an impossible task and we would all be out of shape and cranky. I bet there would be a lot more mustaches too. Luckily this world doesn’t exist.

I personally hated my bushy brows for the longest time. Growing up with extremely bushy brows that in their natural state, before my grandmother finally helped me wax them, were two connected jungles.

But since the season of the Meterosexual has finally shed its last leaf, and with Spornosexuals running ramped and fresh face looks trending for fall, why not keep our brows o’natural? Think of them like a great statement piece perfectly contrasting your slick suit, shaved face and slicked back hair.

Now, with my current routine of minimal effort, I love my brows more then ever. Elvis, George Clooney, Robert Pattinson, Chace Crawford, Justin Theroux & Benedict Cumberbatch know what I’m talking about. Guys fire your eyebrow stylist, drop the wax and put down the tweezer and walk out of the bathroom.