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Spring Is The New Winter

Is It Spring? I Think It’s Spring.

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So here we are, wedged between the end of winter’s wrath and the smoldering hot days of summer's beginning. Also known as spring. The good news is that we’re not sweating yet. I'm scared of August heat. But the bad news is I have the same hermit like feelings I get during the cold months of winter.

Spring is really a funny time that isn't it? It throws everyone out of their comfort zone. Weather conditions force up to pack on superfluous layers, and swap out our seasonal closets making us reconsider everything in which we own. It keeps us on our toes. Because, let’s face it, ain't nobody wants to be the guy to get caught in a flash hailstorm wearing white shorts and Birkenstocks.

Which is why, I’m pretty sure, the earth decides to give us spring.

It's a time when we refuse to don a coat (despite down-degrees) unless it's bright yellow and sometimes even choosing to e.

But really, a cold spring is a great time to try out some looks from the Fall/ Winter 2016 runways. I'm going for the full on washed denim look before summer heat makes me want to live in a tank and shorts.

So make a few adjustments to your spring wardrobe, and then try some of the Fall 2016 looks from the slideshow above for some fresh spring style mens 2016 edition.


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