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The 2016 Billboard Music Awards Men’s Fashion Was Pretty Good

If you woke up feeling a little sluggish today, perhaps in need of a spark to get you ready for the week ahead.

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Music award shows are always a toss up when it comes to red carpet looks. The difference between red carpet fashion and fashion-fashion is venue. On the runway you expect to be inspired and moved to tears. On the red carpet, you expect the same level of entertainment that comes with a Kardashian marathon.  And when the red (or in this case fuchsia) carpet is in Las Vegas, anything goes.

However, the 2016 Billboard Music Awards men’s fashion was pretty good this year. I would even go so far to say that it moved me in a similar way a runway show would. Although just as I was feeling the inspiration, Britney sashayed down the runway and brought us back to reality serving serious red carpet realness. Please google some of her poses!

Some fashion standouts for us included Troye Sivan is a summery and relaxed look, Joe Jonas in Moschino and Seal’s yellow boots.

Click the slideshow above to see all of the men who slayed the red carpet this year and turned it into a runway.

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