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50 PFW Looks To Steal From The Girls

Sometimes we get the wondering eye.

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  Sometimes you get the wondering eye. You’re only human. Shit happens. You can’t control it, and why should you have to, especially at Paris Fashion Week. (We also got it at NYFW.) But it’s not the couple of chiseled male models that caught our eye. Well, at least not the entire time. *Insert sly smirk* It’s womenswear. We like to steal from the girls here at Oyster Colored Velvet because we are comfortable with our manliness and know that gender is an illusion. As it happens gender is a blurry thing and just gets more hazy as time goes on. Even CURRENT JAYNE WAYNE recreations are confused about their gender. So if you ever had the urge to raid your girlfriends closet or drift over the the womenswear section, click through the images above and see our picks for 50 PFW looks to steal from the girls. We would say 'borrow' from the girls, but this season we have no intention on returning.