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A Pale Blue Suit With ’70s Groove

Today’s Inspiration – a thrift shop on acid.

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Sometimes I wonder – “How can I stop worrying about being ‘fashionable’ and just start being myself?”

For me the answer is in a baggy pale blue suit.

A pale blue suit in a sugary pastel color with a bold ’70s vibe. That’s today’s look inspiration. One part Bianca Jagger two parts a thrift shop on acid.

I used to be so obsessed with feeling masculine. This was many, many moons ago. I think the impulse stemmed from being uncomfortable with my sexuality for so many years as a teen. I had this stereotypical idea ingrained in my brain that masculinity equates to strength, which in turn equates to attractiveness. NOT true. As you all know, I love pushing gender boundaries with fashion and promoting gender equality. This is the perfect suit to give a middle finger to the typical masculine look. It’s ultra fem and super fab!

I feel like a modern day super hero in this look. Now I just need a white horse and Studio 54 to reopen its doors.

(Look: Acne Studios/ Boots: Tommy Hilfiger) 

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