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What to wear on Memorial Day Weekend if you’re trapped in a city pretending the subway wind is an ocean breeze.

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(Shirt: Gant Rugger/ Jeans: A.P.C./ Boots: Edward Green / Sunglasses: In God We Trust)


You can’t swing a squirrel in May without hitting a What to Wear on Memorial Day Weekend trend story and potentially getting rabies. However the oft-missing counterpart to them is how you’re supposed to afford a wardrobe turnover every time the beached open and summer hits.

But what about the very many of us who don’t always locate a beach for Memorial Day? Why should we go out and buy a substantial amount of white clothing and swimsuits we don’t need?

Instead, we should develop a new relationship with our closets. I’m no Patti Stanger, but it’s my option that you and your closest are very close to viewing each other with some Honeymoon type lust.  All you need to do is shake off some of your assumptions about each other. Get rid of expectations.

Here I am taking a shirt I almost always wear with swim trunks and rocking it with a pair of jeans. I also snatched up a pair of suede boots that I haven’t worn in months and have never worn with these jeans before. The pieces come together to form a cool Memorial Day look for the urban dweller, or folks stuck in a city this weekend.  See, things can come together in new and fortuitous ways.



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