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Need ideas around how to wear bleached denim?

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Remember that time editors reported that denim was dead?  Well I’m here today to tell you they were WAY wrong.

Next time you’re in a public place, count the number of people wearing denim on denim. I bet you will find at least 5 within eye distance from you.

Jeans started as the garment of America’s West; the practical trousers of cowboys and miners; the daring statement of holidaying east coasters down on the ranch.

Then they became cool. Two words, James Dean.  Then disco-goers wore them flared in the 60s and 70s.

Now with spring hopefully arriving soon, bleached denim is the way to go.

Spring’s freshest denim is all washed-out. The bleached jean revival is in full effect, and labels across the board are turning out jeans and shirts in sun-soaked blue hues. Here is one of my favorite ways to wear the look. Take a spotted bleached denim shirt and pair it with completely washed out jeans. It’s a bold look that also nods so perfectly to the 80s revival trend emerging.

Bleached denim punk-inspired jeans are the eye-catching staple you need in your closet if you want a pair of heavily distressed denim to match your heavily distressed mood.

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(Shirt: Topman/ Jeans: Diesel/ Sunglasses: Shauns California/ Shoes: Dr. Martens) 


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