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Do I have to wear fitted clothing just because I am an adult?

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IMG_9425 copy I swear to effing god I was once an extra-long sleeve. That’s it. That’s all. Nothing more, nothing less. A super long sleeve.

I was probably worn by a person who loved making extreme gestures and waving me all over. I was so into it. With every wave of his or her arm or gust of wind I was ready to peacock in the best way possible.

Extra-long sleeves are the jam to my peanut butter today. They are dramatic, fun and wonderfully unnecessary.

Do I have to wear fitted clothing just because I am an adult? And what does “looking adult” mean, anyway?

Yes exaggerated sleeves aren’t exactly practical for everyday wear. What happens if you want to check your watch? Do they get stuck in doors? Those questions don’t matter once you start to gesture with your hands. All of a sudden you feel like everything you say has at least thirsty times more meaning to it.

Although if you want to jump over a fence, it is may obstruct you. I guess that’s what’s keeping it from being completely young. Perhaps I am an adult.

IMG_9324 copy

IMG_9331 copy

IMG_9380 copy

IMG_9367 copy

IMG_9375 copy

IMG_9306 copy

IMG_9432 copy

(Top: Haider Ackermann/ Jeans: Versace/ Shoes: Saint Laurent/ Sunglasses: David Yurman)

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