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A Fall Shoe Investment Suggestion: Loafers

Because loafing around is so much more fun while wearing loafers, obviously.

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Serdar Uzuntas: Runway - MBFWI Presented By American Express Fall/Winter 2014

Hey, may I make a shoe proposal for fall?  Loafers. What do you think?  My boyfriend seems to think they’re just for 40-year-old commuters, but the lace-free shoe is so much more then that.

Have you ever wished for something more then a flimsy shoe rack to organize all your kicks? You know, just something that didn’t allow shoes to fall through wide metal polls and cause them to sometimes get trapped to which you leave because you know freeing would cause an shoe-valanche.

Sometimes I dream of having a tiny person who lived in the bottom of my closet? Not someone I would ever meet (because I would be terrified of a little gnome like shoe manager), but when asked it would shout at you: “Yo dude, isn’t this like the eighteenth time you wore those leather converse this week. No don’t go for the Birkenstocks, Please! Give it a break already. Summer’s over. Black loafers. No socks. Now you’re good.”

That’s what I think my little closet guardian would say, among many other things that I would rather not share because, unlike myself, some things should just stay in the closet. Today I’m going to fill the part of your closet gnome for you  and say: “ Hey man, this fall try a loafer.” Not a boring loafer, something with an edge. Perhaps it’s a zipper details, an elevated platform, a bold color, maybe red, or a studded trim, go for it.

A slip on shoe is seriously underrated. Some mornings I absolutely dread the moment of having to untie and retie my laces. I know, I know #gayboyproblems. Fashion, at its most pure state, is an outward expression of something internal. For me loafers express my laziness and desire to look sharp despite my allergy to the lace. They were created as a casual house shoe for King George VI in 1847 after all. See that, even a man who had a number of professional lace tiers on staff can’t be bothered with with bunnies going around the tree, and into the burrow.”

Check out some of my loafer suggestions below. You’re laziness is trending.