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If satin shirts are dead it’s because this satin shirt killed them.

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IMG_6287 copy We reached that point of the summer where we no longer think about summer in future or present tense. We are completely focused on to-do lists and what the start of September will mean (for our careers, our relationships, our tans and our probability of ever having a cocktail outside again).

We no longer look at bathing suits, sunglasses and tanks with the same fire fueled lust we did back in May. Our eyes have started to drift slightly left and began to focus on velvet bombers, suede boots and knits.

But you know what we can wear now for Labor Day Weekend and also look slick rocking during Fall months?

Casual satin shirts.

Satin shirts had a major moment in the 60s and 70s then vanished (for the most part). If satin shirts are dead it’s because this satin shirt killed them.

We have the power to wear the most absolutely ridiculous shirts not at all for the sake of it complementing our look or even because it goes with our outfit, but to escape reality. This Labor Day Weekend that’s exactly what I plan on doing. Escaping reality in this heron print satin shirt. Bye.

IMG_6190 IMG_6209 IMG_6214 IMG_6226 IMG_6236 IMG_6256  IMG_6338

(Look: Topman/ Sunglasses: Shauns of California/ Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo)

(Photos shot in Monaco at the Monte-Carlo Beach Hotel


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