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Grooming & A Movie: Baxter of California & Clueless

Firstly please don’t judge me…. but I love staying in on the weekend.

06 . 11 . 14



(Night Cream AHA, $22/ Cream Pomade, $20/ Herbal Mint Toner, $18/ “FLAMMABLE” Soy Wax Scented Candle, $60) 

When Cher Horowitz was perched on the couch next to her step brother Josh while watching Ren and Stimpy and catching up on her grooming routine, one of the most iconic phrases in cinematic history is made: “I know it sounds mental but sometimes I have more fun vegging out than when I go partying. Maybe it’s because my party clothes are so binding”. Thank you for the validation Cher. There’s nothing I like more then staying in on a Friday night, watching movies and cartoons from the ‘90s, and catching up on some much needed grooming.

Taking note from Cher and seemingly always needing to feel productive, I decided to start experimenting with new grooming products while in for the night. This past Friday I watched Clueless (I promise, I actually did. I have to thank Iggy Azalea for reminding me just how amazing that movie is.) and the Rugrats while experimenting with some products from Baxter of Califonia. It all started with the lighting of the brands ultra sexy Smoke Ash candle and trying out some potential new hair styling’s using the Cream Pomade. Then a fresh cucumber extract toner cleanser followed by a full bodied overnight cream. This cream is dope. You can trust the brand when that say it’s “like waking up with a brand new face.” It really is. And thank God because I needed one after last week’s late night adventures.

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