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Guy’s, The ’90s Choker Is Back

Jordan Cataleno knew what’s up.

03 . 23 . 16



Are you ready to through it back to the days of Jared Leto as Jordan Cataleno in My So-Called Life? Always? That’s what I thought.

Nostalgia in fashion has proven to be more then a trend over the past decade. It's a sense of calm. A feeling that you can wear that recalls a happier, simpler time when the only form of technology you encountered was Gameboy and Nintendo.

The reemergence of the ‘90s has been wonderful and pretty constant since, well since the ‘90s ended really. Some may feel ‘90s overload, a feeling I am yet to encounter, yet another ’90s trend has come back in style in a major way. The '90s choker trend is back for men.

Gucci seemed to lead the charge with this look followed by Louis Vuitton,  Roberto Cavalli, Kenzo and Coach. So we did some digging and found that so many models rocked the look during the Fall 2016 fashion weeks almost exactly the same as the ones worn in the '90s. Scroll through the above examples to see what I mean and then go buy yourself a choker because you know you want one.