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Keep Your Glow This Winter: Skincare Guide For Men

Like summer, but without the shine.

12 . 05 . 14




(Candle: Baxter of California/ Face Wash + Moisturizer: PRZMAN/  Shave Cream: Scaramouche and Fandango)

The winter air is not kind on our skin. In fact it beats the shit out of it. Hard. One of the biggest losses of transitioning from fall to winter, aside from the ability to roam outdoors freely sans chunky layers, is the loss of the crisp “fall glow “ of your skin.  I don’t know about you, but I find I enjoy the way my skin looks more during the fall season then over the warm summer months. It could be because my “summer glow” comes with a healthy dose of shimmer and forehead shine.

But in the fall there a certainly healthy matt glow to my face that only lasts for 2 short months. Every day in December I wake up and realize my face is slowly but surely returning to its natural hue of yellow-green.

But a long, hot shower on a cold winter morning along with a couple of key products can not only help prolong this glow and give you a great start to the day, but also hydrate your skin more so then diving into a warm pool of oil in Miami would.

There’s a straightforward reason your face ends up tight in the winter, and not just because your pissed you cant find a cab in 20 something degrees after your Uber canceled your ride. The cold air makes our skin dry and leaves it feeling less flexible. It’s bad enough I can no longer touch my toes, but when it starts hurting when I smile I know there’s a problem.

It becomes a real problem when people start to notice the change in your skin and is becomes a sort of intense game of advice. A forum at your instant disposal filled with friends quite enthusiastic to dole out wisdom, where any question would prompt an immediate response. But avoid this chatter that only prolongs drink orders, and try these 3 products, along with a killer candle to help set the mood, because why not?