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Pattern Play That’s Not On Acid

Even patterns seem happier in LA.

07 . 28 . 14



IMG_4680IMG_4696IMG_4678IMG_4720IMG_4695IMG_4727IMG_4706(Jacket: Calvin Klein Collection/ Shirt: Reiss/ Pants: DL 1961/ Tie: Tommy Hilfiger/ Shoes: Calvin Klein Collection/ Sunglasses: Shwood)

You can’t fake cool. This we all know and have seen a number of people try at some point. But I think playing with patterns is as close as any of us can get to a stimulating simulation. It’s kind of like getting a sour margarita at happy hour –at first it’s odd and makes you squirm, but after 4 more sips you feel enlightened and ready to conquer the evening ahead.

Lately I’ve been all about simplicity. The perfect white tee with dark slim jeans is currently my jam. But after hanging in LA for the past week, seeing an array of playful and chemically charged looks, I’m feeling inspired to mix it up. Personally I don’t think it’s too much to ask myself to get this experimental in NY, but then again the stale humid days that forced me to simplify my look are still a faint memory. But for today, my last day in LA,  I’m mixing three different blue prints styled with with navy trousers and a pair of my favorite sandals right now. When getting funky with prints I quite enjoy keeping it concentrated to the top half of my body and grounding the look with solid pants. It just feels right to have all the action close to my face.