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Why Broome And Beauty Is NYC’s Coolest Salon

Complete with a Jane Fonda workout clock.

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I don't know about you, but I've never really felt comfortable in a hair salon. Walking in I'm immediately transported back to high school and feel all the same insecurities of teenage angst. Just as the curiously pretty front desk girl checks me in I notice colorists and stylists pointing and whispering. Could they be talking about how dry my hair is, or clocking my outfit choice? I start sweating and forget what I wanted to do to my hair.

This all changed when I started going to Broome And Beauty.

Broome And Beauty is the type of NYC salon you can roll up feeling disheveled and messy and leave feeling refreshed and confident.

To begin with, the crisp white and brown color scheme is a visual massage as soon as you walk in. Add to that the warm glow of light pouring through the windows at play, – creating a genuinely relaxing experience.

The shop is unpretentious and cool.

Shop owner, Liam Carey aimed at creating a place where clients could not only get killer hairstyles, but also relax and network. He allows his clients to hold small meetings at the salon and come by just to have a drink. It's the kind of salon where everyone knows your name and you can be yourself. All under the watchful gaze of a Jane Fonda workout clock hanging on the back wall.

It's that calming and un-judgmental charm that makes Broome And Beauty NYC's coolest salon.


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