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Exploring Île d’Orléans In Quebec

Sometimes the best part of a great city is its local getaway spots.

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IMG_5842IMG_5825 IMG_5861 IMG_5557 IMG_5811 IMG_5732 IMG_5741 IMG_5786IMG_5838(Shirt: Vintage/ Shorts: Nike: Shoes: Purchased from a tiny Bodega in Guatemala) 

 I love exploring large cities. Figuring out a new metro, getting lost in utilitarian grid systems and experiencing odors you never new existed before is all part of the metropolitan charm. But you know what the best part about a city is? Discovering the local new getaway experiences.

Located about fifteen minutes outside of Quebec City, across Montmorency Falls in the middle of the St Lawrence River, sits the charming little Île d’Orléans. Filled with rolling green and yellow hills, colorful church spires and Strawberry fields this idyllic spot is a land that time forgot. It’s no wonder singers, poets and artisans flock here for inspiration. Visit a 300-year-old flour mill, after handpicking your own strawberries and sipping local wine. After discovering how strawberries are meant to taste, stop at the bakery La Boulange for delicious takeaways including pizza, sandwiches and just-baked pastries. French-Canadian singer-songwriter and poet, Félix Leclerc actually chose to live on the charmed island to spend the last years of his life. Having passed only 5 cars while circling the island jamming to “Summer Wine” by Nancy Sinatra, I came to he conclusion that this place is a kind of verdant private playground, encouraging self-exploration and undisclosed romance.