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Givenchy Creates Perfume Inspired Cocktails

Your alcohol problem is about to smell a whole lot sweeter.

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Hot off the heels of Paris men’s fashion week, Givenchy is helping me get thorough this snow day with the promise of a good cocktail. Because let’s be honest, what wouldn’t a good city dweller do for a drink that burns. The French fashion brand joined five-star London hotel Café Royal to produce seven vibrant perfume-inspired cocktails.

The sure to be scintillating and delicious drinks are off the seven fragrances that comprise the L’Atelier de Givenchy perfume line. Crafted by mixologist Tiziano Tasso, the collaborative cocktails feature a medley of exceptional ingredients, including Japanese whisky, mandarin juice and Siberian pine needle extract.  Getting thirsty?

Combining high fashion and fragrance to produce unique and flavorful cocktails, the special drinks are priced at £13 GBP (approximately $20 USD) and will be available at Hotel Café Royal’s Green Bar through March 31.

Check out the hotel’s online site for more.