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Hotel Like Jagger: Madame Rêve

An escape in the clouds in Paris.

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Slink away from it all and head to Paris for a true inspiring escape at Madame Rêve. This hotel in the heart of Paris beats with luxury and modern sophistication all while offering jaw dropping views and impeccable service.

Located in the heart of Paris, a stone’s throw from the Louvre Museum, the Bourse de Commerce and the Samaritaine, the Hotel Madame Reve is part of the renewal of the luxury hotel industry. A reimagine iconic 19th-century building, this unique 5-star hotel is nestled in the iconic building of the Louvre Post Office which offers 82 rooms and suites revealing panoramic views of all of Paris, the Eiffel Tower and Montmartre.

The rooms are designed in warm hues and play with Paris' signature golden light. Laurent Taieb, Founder and Artistic Director was inspired by his friend and interior designer Andrée Putman and created spaces where lush furniture meets leading technology.

Along with the design  and comfort, the cuisine is a work of art. Chef Benjamin Six offers cuisine with Mediterranean accents at Madame Reve Cafe, and Japanese influences at the panoramic restaurant La Plume.

Head to the ROOF for cocktails and finger foods while overlooking Saint-Eustache. This substantial rooftop overlooks all of Paris and offers an exceptional panorama of its iconic monuments: Saint-Eustache Church, Beaubourg, the Pantheon, and Notre-Dame. The extraordinary green space can be partially or entirely privatized for a dinner under the stars with friends, an exclusive cocktail, or an exceptional evening with a 180° view of magical Paris.
Reconnect amid the gorgeous architectural beauty of Paris while lounging in the most comfortable and gorgeous rooms in this true gem of a hotel. Click here for more.


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