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How To Dress Up Sweatpants

It’s about time that we give it up for sweats.

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IMG_2141IMG_2140IMG_2146IMG_2156IMG_2113IMG_2153(Jacket: Topman Collection/ Shirt: Perry Ellis/ Sweatpants: James Perse/ Boots: Hvrminn/ Tie: Reiss/ Sunglasses: Shwood) 

It’s about time that we give it up for sweats. During a recent interview, I heard a singer say that those who wear sweats don’t have sex and the pant actually leads to relationships falling apart. I’m assuming the theory goes as follows: baggy sweatpants equal pants that don’t hug your butt, so no sexy time for you and you will probably never find love. Just because they’re the most comfortable trouser doesn’t mean we can’t make them look great. They’re perfect for those rainy days in April and chilly spring nights. Get a light shade of sweats and pair them with a floral shirt, contrasting print tie and killer boots. Top off the ensemble with a bold double-breasted jacket for an added sense of polish.