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The Marni Fall/ Winter 2015 Collection Reveals A Better Version Of The Lumbersexual

Theory: Masculinity is fluid in gender and no longer pertains to a sex.

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How do you sum up the Marni Fall/ Winter 2015 collection? Fluid in masculinity as well as references to a primal mentality and modern elegant flourishes, there’s the text and then the subtext.

The collection questioned modern masculinity by recalling elements of the hairy primal, buff, fur wearing cave men of ancient times. You can still see remnants of this ancient human walking the streets of Brooklyn today. The ‘primal’ references seemed to point to our expired understanding of what we consider to be masculine.  A definition that now clearly sprung from the earliest stage of emotional development.

Never a fan of beards or thick plaids,  the categorization of what is a Lumbersexual seems to only point backwards with prehistoric understands of gender.

The delicate Marni boys prove that masculinity points to clean shaven, well tailored and androgynous men of the future that are just a bold and dominant as any man with facial hair.

But to describe the collection in one word: cool.


The latter’s new track “Boys Latin” filled the space at Florence’s Marino Marini Museum as youthful collection emerged with fur, lots and lots of fur.


Marino Marini and Panda Bear created a series of gold and burnt umber and navy and cream looks in a combination of foreign, rich fabrics and good old richly colored tunics, some dotted in fur, with Sixties’ references and collarless coats and tailoring that was perfectly precise accentuating the delicate masculine look but also celebrated the deflection of the female gaze stood to tell the story of Fall.

The shrunken sweaters were a major highlight for me. Anyway to adopt a crop top in the winter makes me a happy camper.