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10 Cool Street Style Looks From New York Fashion Week: Men’s

No suits allowed in this slideshow. Unless you’re a jumpsuit.

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They're you are summer!

We did it, you guys. We’re in mid-summer wonderland. July is an mazing time of year. The weather itself can be confusing, but a Cuban shirt is always right. Raincoats are always safe. And there’s nothing wrong with wearing white. In New York City, summer brings out peoples passion for fashion. They strip away the unnecessary layers and get down to a cool rawness. Or, the layers that they do choose to wear are really, really amazing because they made a concise decision to sweat for them.

The street style at New York Fashion Week: Men's doesn't pack the same sartorial punch as London, Milan or Paris. Men take bigger chances when it comes to fashion across the pond. Be it stripes, houndstooth, baggy, tight, camel, camo, pants or a sweatshirt. It's just worn more intensely there. Summer helps alleviate this fact.

Yawn inducing suits aside, (there were A LOT of suits at this years shows) NYFWM did serve up some killer looks we should spend some time talking about. Like a pair of cobalt blue leopard shorts, a or pink cuban shirt and oranges clear plastic shades. Or how about a pinstripe printed jumpsuit and black and white check shades(worn by yours truly), or a denim on denim look worn with layered gold necklaces.

So here are ten cool street style from New York Fashion Week: Men's that are worth ogling over.


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