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12 Lessons All Men Could Learn From Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul is hotter then ever and one of the best young actors. Take a minute or two to admire what lessons we can learn from A-Paul and rebellious dude.

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Dear Aaron Paul, can I call you A-Paul? How cool is it that you turned 35 yesterday? It must feel incredible to age in such a baller way in tandem with winning another Emmy and having racked up such important accolades. I made the  decision not to give you a gift yesterday and instead reflect on the gift you have us all by, well, just being you.

While “Breaking Bad” has concluded, and with it, the overwhelming excitement of a new season and another Jesse Pinkman’s party and bitchout, A-Paul is hotter then ever and one of the best young actors in the biz.  So why not take a minute or two to admire what lessons we can learn from this young and rebellious dude.  

Become A Meth-Cooking Sex Symbol

Looking sexy in yellow ain’t easy.


Develop A “Wanna Fuck?” Look That Never Fails 



 Use the Term Bitch As A Dude, Successfully 

This is a term all men have struggled with using correctly. So please stop using it until you watch at least 2 episodes of “Breaking Bad.”


Throw A Killer Party 



Know How To Distract From The Fact You Need To Pee

No one will ever know I have to hit the little boys room if I distract them with this shinny golden statue.


Trim Your Beard 

The time has come gentleman.


Find An Accessory You Love and Wear It A lot 

Pinkman wore his trademark knit whether joy ridding in a car, pounding the high street or, in baggy jeans while in flipflops.


Look Cute Holding A Puppy

If the “Wanna Fuck?” look fails.


Don’t Be affaired To Show Extreme Excitement 

As Sarah Silverman so wonderfully said at the Emmys, “We’re just molecules spinning through space.” So don’t be scared to be happy.


Take A Selfie While Smiling 

Toss that familiar pout and ‘huh?’ look and freak your followers out with a smiling selfie.


Drake-ing Bad – Hang With Fellow Sad Boys

The Sad Boy of music meets the Sad Boy of TV. Birds of a feather.


Bloody Swagger 

Be who you are and do it with attitude.