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Craig Green Serves Angelina Jolie Leg For Men

All legs no dairy at the London Collections Men.

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(Craig Green Spring/ Summer 2017)

Shorts seem to be getting shorter each season. A length inspiration the brand credits to the retro glory days of dads and Bruce Jenner circa 1987. There is much more exposed thigh-to-knee ratio than we’ve seen in the last 20-odd years. Eyes are lowering their gaze. Thighs are becoming cleavage for men. Just more hairy. But the same in that bare skin is distracting. In a good way!

The young lads are calling it “The Teardrop.” For those of you that don't know,the Teardrop is an above-the-knee muscle that actually does look like a shed-tear.

But at the London Collections Men Spring/ Summer 2017, Craig Green one upped his peers. Green’s men this season were coming apart at the seams—literally. Pieces were complete (or incomplete I should say)  with unattached sleeves, tied-together paneling, and unbuttoned tops that evoke undone armor.

 While I loved the paisley print in muted blues and reds, the bold color blocking and gridded backless looks, there was one theme that stole the show.

Over several looks featured a salacious high slit. Tunics were undone to touch the high thigh region. Yes fellas, we finally get to have a dramatic Angelina Jolie leg moment. The Teardrop will get to look ultra fancy next summer. Although I really don't know how many of us would actually where these looks to brunch or to the office?

Whatever, I'm just be glad it’s shorts weather and men are getting to show thigh.



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