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Are Skinny Jeans Capable Of Killing Your Iphone 6?

I bet Zack Morris didn’t have this issue.

09 . 26 . 14




I’ve never been so scared of my skinny Jeans before. Well maybe not entirely true. I was a bit nervous around them when I gained ten pounds rapidly freshman year in High School.

I just picked up my ipone 6 at the Apple 14th Street shop yesterday. Every time I get the latest version of the phone I feel particularly cool for about 3 days, it takes about that amount of time for my NYC jadedness to set in and the phone to become just another piece of technology laying on my nightstand. But for now I feel cool.

For those of you who have the phone you know the feeling – not all of your friends have it yet and everyone wants to see it and hold it. It’s kind of like giving birth to a newborn baby that doesn’t cry, never poops and doesn’t need to attend college, i.e. the perfect child. Forget the iWatch Apple, were are iBabies? I promise no one will complain about their batteries being as bad as the iPhones.

Since the new release of the mobile, stories of the iPhone 6’s issues have emerged. The phone is targeted at city-dwelling young professionals, not surprising. However the phone is not a fan of the trousers many of these target groups wear, skinny jeans. Apple’s latest product actually gets quite bent out of shape about them. Apparently that’s exactly what happens. The phones bend in the pocket of such trousers. #Bendgate is a thing– and it even has its own Twitter account.

“Thank you iPhone for giving us the ‪#bendgate issue, it provides the ultimate dilemma for hipsters; latest iPhone or skinny jeans.” Ritvik Miglani tweeted. Not everyone if a believer, “Get a case, take off the skinny jeans, and STFU morons!  ‪#BendGate” iPhoneMuscle mused.

If you are routing the flexibility of the new phone, check out this guy: