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Which Goldie Hawn Are You?

Elise, Helen, Judy, Toni, Annie or Joanna?

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Personally I’m always identified with Elise Elliott trying to light a cigarette during the lunch scene in First Wives Club.

If you were a girl or gay boy growing up in the ’90s, most likely few things were more important to you than the Spice Girls and Xena Worrier Princes. Goldie Hawn was one of them. I always identified more with female characters then those brawny male characters that tried to sweep them off their feet.

The ’90s was a special time in which we didn’t have social media and distinct points of view outlined in our bio section on Instagram; we had favorite actors.

One such example was my favorite actor in the whole wide world, Goldie Hawn. I’m pretty sure she was the only actor I really knew by name, other then Marilyn Monroe, but her hair was the same color as Marilyn (crucial) and she had the world gold in her first name (required) plus First Wives Club, you know? But so what if my love for her as a kid was a little unfounded? Hindsight is 20/20 and I still support the fervor. It even grew into a permanent soft spot. Seeing her today in a movie still inspires and brings me back to childhood comfort.

Goldie played plenty of memorable characters. So today I feel the need to ask the real hard hitting question, which Goldie Hawn are you?


Elise Elliott

Three words: “I had guests.” There is not another character I identify more with then sassy, washed-up Oscar winner Elise Elliot.

If you also identify with Elise your style is a little hard to pin down because you’re just as likely to wear a massive fur coat to lunch as you are a plain black suit with a red brief cade, but then, your personality is equally hard to pin down.



The promise of eternal youth is quite alluring to you. You dress elegantly and are always ready for a chic cocktail party.  Your clothes are fitted and your favorite color is white.



You’re a world traveler in both spirit and aesthetic. You love body paint, tattoos and a 60s flared pant.



Your clothes are not comfy and tight and womenswear-inspired and your hair’s always pulled tight and perfected quaffed. You’re not afraid of loud colors and bold fabric and lots of it, including a red suit.



Your clothes are comfy and loose and 80s-inspired and your hair’s a little wild and messy to match the spirit of your optimism. es. You love casual clothes: cotton T-shirts, wool scarves and cashmere cardigans. You’re a snuggly person with a snuggly personality.



Army green is your jam. You incorporate it into everything you wear. Sometimes you play it sweet, sometimes you play it messy and dangerous. Your unkempt hair and aviators are never missing from either equation.

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