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Careless Whisperer

A look for the master of cool, George Michael.

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George Michael, an artist who transcended all that it meant to be of this earth — has passed away. I just want to take a minute to remember this creative genius.

A rock star in appearance and a performer on stage, he taught me many things about swag and style.

His brandished blond-streaked, feathered tresses, gold hoop earrings and a penchant for guyliner that kept the girls and boys enthralled.

He exemplified the notion – never ask someone how an item of clothing makes you look. Ask yourself how it makes you feel.

Today’s look pays homage to this iconic man.

I started with the shirt. One part cotton. One part linen. One part silk. One really effortless Denim shirt. I styled it with a leather jacket, t-shirt, black jeans and a grey wool pork pie hat with wide brim.



16-12-20_Gregory_47 copy




(Jacket: Saint Laurent/ Shirt: VK Nagrani/ Jeans: MSGM/ Boots: Tommy Hilfiger/ Hat: Goorin Bros.) 


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