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Purple Poetry

Feeling lavender all over.

03 . 25 . 21



Spring brings with it the feeling that almost anything is possible. Flowers budding along the sidewalk can almost instantly fill you with euphoria. The purple and yellow petals are whispering warming days are upon us and change is here. Spring is a time of rebirth. I have have quite settled into my new life here on Long Island. I have been truly loving the first moments of spring on Long Island in our new home. Being settled in our home means I have finally sorted my closet, almost, well not really but its sorted enough. I managed to discover this lavender look and thought there was no better time to wear it. I styled the pastel look with a black cap and grey kicks. Spring is a great time to play with color and really go for it.

(Look: ASOS/ Sneakers: All Birds/ Hat: Lucky Brand) 

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