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The Mankle and Kanye West

So Ankles. Do you think about them? I do.

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IMG_1691 copyWhat is it about a guy’s exposed ankle that looks so darn good? When did this vital talocrural joint become a fashion staple?  All good questions, I think. However, my friend doesn’t agree with me .  “Who cares, it’s an ankle G,” he said to me at lunch one afternoon after I saw 4 gentlemen, including myself, rocking the look. After expressing his minor concern that I had an ankle fetish, he finally admitted to a new “bizarre,” his term, fascination with the ankle. The mankle is totally having a moment and should be discussed.

What is it about a collection of pointed bones and skin located slightly above your foot that is so cool and sexy? Perhaps it has something to do you’re your foot going commando in a pair of shoes? Whatever the case, the naked ankle reflects modern masculinity with a sprinkle of fetishtic flare.

Kanye West greets fans while out and about in New York City

Segue to Kanye West. The Singer was kickin’ it in New York City yesterday (June 4) shopping around town. The newlywed went for a casual look in capri pants while showing a hint of mankle. Showing your naked ankle gets so much attention now that New York Magazine’s The Cut wrote a feature dedicated to the singer’s joint-revealing look. Could you imagine if the same coverage happened for woman? ‘Did you see what Rihanna wore to the CFDA Awards?” says Becca. “OMG I know I cant believe how much ankle she was showing.” Not so likely.

I know ankling isn’t a new fad for men, but every summer there seems to be a new interest in drawing the eye downwards. June, a great month to feel the breeze around your ankles, is when men start embracing a finely cuffed hemline with a pair oxfords. One of my favorite ways to rock the mankle is to neatly roll up my jeans a couple of inches above Nike hi-tops. I’m also into cuffing slim black trousers while wearing simple white kicks.

mankles-2.nocrop.w1800.h1330All this ankle talk has got me thinking of a little jingle I used to jam to many years ago. It goes  something like, “The toe bone’s connected to the foot bone; the foot bone’s connected to the ankle bone; the ankle bone’s connected to..” Sorry, I just had to get that out.

Anyway, be reckless this summer, roll up and embrace your ankles.