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21 NYFW Looks To Snatch From The Girls

A different type of Snatch Game. But equally as fun.

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Clothes don’t have to look masculine to feel masculine. That’s my takeaway from the shows of the season at NYFW.

As we have said many times here at Oyster Colored Velvet, gender is a blurry thing.

We alway aim to help increase awareness that gender may not be as binary, or inflexible as once was assumed. A look that is masculine or feminine no longer needs to be tied to someone who identifies as such.

Ruffled bra tops, ribbed knit dresses/underwear as pants and cherries aside (although why not) there was a substantial amount of looks this season for us boys to pull from. It is rare when multiple collections knock down your door and demands your attention. This season there was so much for us guys to use as a reference point we had to spend hours clicking through slideshows to find the very best for your viewing pleasure.

But in order to form an opinion, you have to be able to remove the context (or Vogue.com) and see what’s actually in front of you.

So click through the slideshow and check out the best 21 NYFW looks to snatch from the girls.

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