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20 Best Men’s Looks From NYFW

Let’s hear it for the boys.

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We here at Oyster Colored Velvet already know that fashion is a universal language. While we’re not always familiar with the technicalities of a certain dialogue, the moment we connect with a piece and make it ours, we find understanding through the context.

Which is why we already snatched some looks from the ladies this week at NYFW.

However there is something special to spotting mens looks at NYFW where you really only expect to see womenswear. Had the designers been showing at New York Fashion Week Men's — had I already understood the context — my words would have come immediately: “True to the brand’s identity…”; “a slight departure from last season”; etc.

But because they were woven into womenswear collections, I got to play. I allowed myself to look at the clothes like an outsider, wondering what would I wearI suppose this would be one of the many benefits for integrating menswear and womenswear once again.

Decide what you would wear and check out the 20 best men's looks from NYFW.


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