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Beard Gardens Bloom & Facial Hair Dies

Just as beards start to flower, they go out of season.

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Beard culture has reached a dizzying high peek. I know way too many men with beards, and to make matters worse, my youngest brother is trying to get in on the hairy action.  NY Mag made my Friday with a slideshow of men donning flowers intertwined in their beards, giving a whole new meaning to a beard garden. I mean come on this shit is sheer brilliance.


This wonderful post got me thinking about the beard and another article I read while I was in Canada titled, The Death Of The Beard. The article, posted in Mr. Porter Mag, posed the question, “What happens when everyone’s got a beard?” The obvious answer being, the trend comes to an end. Right? Right.

While I love flowers, in a garden, on a shirt, or even in beard, I think once you start needing wild life to add a new kind of lushness your beard, it’s time to through in the towel, or in this case break out the weed wacker. I have to agree with Mr. Porter that the urban lumberjack look is on the decline. No offence to NY Mag, if anything they punctuated the end of this trend with this flowery story, but I feel like the look is over.  All the proof I needed was provided by the three hipster friends I have. All three of them got rid of their facial hair within a month of each other. To be completely honest one of them couldn’t really grow facial hair. But I think his realization to end his efforts still counts for something.


I for one am a supporter of the death of the beard and am looking forward to seeing more fresh-faced and scurfy-cheeked men around town.