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Why I Never Wash My Hair

Two words, cotton candy.

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The best men’s grooming tips are the ones that actually work, are time sensitive, and save you dollar bills.

Ok I’m about to admit something that’s kind of embarrassing, I never wash my hair. Yes, no shampoo at all. I just don’t wash. #sorryimnotsorry. When I attempt a Beyonce hair flip there’s no amber and delicious oak sent that emanates from my head. My hair doesn’t flap effortlessly in the breeze. There’s no washing that man out of my hair in the shower, conditioning or pondering the best shampoo to purchase.  And honestly guys, my hair has never looked better.

Before I continue I feel like I should admit that I do rinse my hair every day with water. That’s as far as I go and all I need to do in terms of hair cleansing. But I am a proud member of the “No Poo” society. Did you know that up until the late 1800s, it was suggested for people to wash their hair once a month?  Folks were a lot dirtier back then.  I imagine in today’s sanitary culture the recommended amount should be, well, never.

Any guy equipped with the Internet, a cool fashion magazine and a great barber knows that washing your hair turns it into cotton candy. My hair is a bit dry to begin with and washing my hair only exacerbates the problem and leaves me with a whole lot of fuzz. At least if it were pink it would be less of an issue. Yes you can load up the product to try and reduce the awkward fluff feast, but it never gets the same effect as immaculately unwashed, oiled hair. Shampoos at best really are just an unpronounceable punchbowl of mysterious and toxic ingredients.

If your up for ditching the sudsy stuff here’s an insight to what I went through. Your hair naturally likes to be coated with a layer of oil. Shampoo strips your hair of this oil and causes your hair to produce oils more rabidly. So the first week you will go through some shampoo withdrawals. Why am I doing this again? – you may wonder. But after you get over the greasy hump, you will find that all your hair needs is a good rinse in the shower. And if you’re feeling like you need a scent fix, go for apple cider vinegar, it can also double as a killer toner and delicious salad dressing ingredient. Then I suggest a good towel dry and you’re good to go.

One of the most rewarding experiences to come out of not washing your hair is the day you can get up  never need to touch your head because every hair is already where you want it to be.  More time to spend on planning your ’80s inspired look. And just think of what you can do with all the money you save on shampoo. Trip to Belgium anyone?