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Upgrade Your Push-Up

Because sometimes just thinking about the gym is exhausting.

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We’re conditioned to believe that jaw-dropping, body-transforming results are achieved only by putting in the hours and hours at the gym, lifting heavy equipment that caused us to make off grunting noises. But if you’ve been adhering to this gym life gospel, the truth is, you don’t need to be.

The push-up can replace a gym day if done correctly.

The push-up is amazing. It is one of the best, full body workouts you can do and requires no heavy equipment, so you can perform push-ups anytime, anywhere.

There is a difference that separates the push-up of today from that of yesterday’s.

So upgrade your push-up now and try the 5 new workouts below. Just doing 2 or 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps, using proper form, will get you toned in places you never thought.

And be warned: It will hurt more than you think it will.


1. Mountain Climber Push-Up

Start in push-up position, and bring right knee in toward chest; extend leg behind you, and then immediately bring left knee in toward chest; extend leg behind you. Perform a push-up, keeping elbows by sides. Repeat.


2. Side Plank Push-Up

Start in push-up position. Lower chest toward floor, and then as you press back up, rotate torso to left and keep gaze on your left hand, as you lift your left arm and leg toward the ceiling, forming an X with your body. Hold for one count; rotate back to high plank and repeat.


3. Sliding Push-Up

Start in push-up position, with a towel under your left palm. Slowly slide left hand forward, as you bend right elbow behind you and lower chest toward floor. Without falling flat, extend left arm as far forward as possible, and then slowly slide back up to start, keeping arm straight throughout.


4.  Bird-Dog Push-Up 

Perform a push-up, keeping elbows by sides. Extend right arm in front of you and left leg behind you; hold balance for one count, then lower. Do another push-up, and repeat balance on other side (left arm; right leg). Repeat.

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