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Walking The Runway and More at Fashion Week Tel Aviv

Yes I took to the catwalk.

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Fashion Week Tel Aviv answered a few style q’s that have been lingering in my brain, like:

Gregory: Are shirts unbuttoned to your bellybutton still a thing?

FWTA: Yes, absolutely.

Gregory: What about leopard silk shirts?

FWTA: Never stop tying prints. Shirts, ties, scarves, anything — it’s an emotional journey.

Gregory: Can Fashion Week still be playful, raw and exploratory?

FWTA: Gurl, we are here for all of it! The limit does not exist here.

Gregory: Can real people become models successfully?  


Fashion Week Tel Aviv was really a whirl wind of raw talent and creativity. The fashion industry has always been nuts, and fast-fashion’s insatiable hunger has only made major fashion weeks run harder. But here in Tel Aviv fashion is celebrated and still has a sense of emotional curiosity.

The clothing at Fashion Week Tel Aviv was presented on an assortment of people not typically featured on the runway. Their clothes were featured on transgender models, “plus-size” models, male and female artists and older men and women, some of whom were over seventy.

Before each runway show began a video in Hebrew played featuring a diverse selection of women declaring that they love themselves. The clip spoke to the overarching theme of the week; to "introduce a different beauty standard."

I also took to the catwalk at FWTA at the Hili Ari show, one of my absolute favorite collections of the week! Designers and artists Hili Yaakobi and Ari Shusterovich created a sleek gender fluid collection titled "Tuesday Paranoia." Perfect title! The collection walked the borderline between dream and reality and celebrated the idea of living life completely.

Mayor Studio provided another standout collection of androgynous looks with a delightfully raunchy and salacious vibe.

Off the runway I got to explore Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Jaffa. I ate and drank at the very posh Norman Hotel, an amazing vegan cafe - Anastasia and a delicious greek restaurant over looking the Mediterranean - Kalamata.

Check out the slideshow above to check out all my moments from the week.

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