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Monday Music 10

Give your ears a summer treat inspired by my wedding music!

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display_image.php It’s Monday morning and you needed that reminder like I need a hole in my elbow. Although it’s the weekend after my wedding, which means the week already feels happier and crisper. At least for me! But I’m ready to spread the joy, love and excitement because I am a married man! So let’s party like Tom Cruise circa 1985 and let’s listen to some new (and old) music to help get us amped for a week filled with love.


But what on earth should we listen to? Let’s be adventurous and try some new and solid gold oldies this week. I ruffled through the racket and put together a playlist inspired by my wedding of the most necessary tracks to listen to right now.  From Louis Armstrong and Phil Collins, to Brigitte Bardot and Madonna, check out our essential playlist for this Monday (June 5, 2017) and get a feel for the music that played at my wedding.

Monday Music 10 


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