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Art Basel Watch: The Men Of Miami

With the dust settling on Miami as Art Basel closes, we look back on guys in inspiring warm-weathered threads.

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Untitled-1   Yes Basel is over, and yes I did not make it there this year and therefore did not get to wear my new Au Jour Le Jour Sandals outdoors just yet. Although I did not take part in drinking iced coffee and champagne, gnawing on awesome Mexican food, sunbathing, swimming, oh yea and looking at awesome art, I did keep track of what guys were wearing and got to thinking about the word right in terms of a guy’s satire. Right is a frustrating word. It’s either followed with a safe: “He got it right because he played it safe. Or “that’s a safe bet.” When we attach the word “right” to clothing, no matter how much we love the items in question, it takes the fun out of dressing oneself. It’s like coloring in the lines or working on an assignment as your boss hovers over your shoulder. To be right is to be predictable, ho-hum obvious, basic and yes safe. So here are some fellows who took a sartorial chance during Art Basel and got it right by not getting it right. Click the slideshow above.