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I am most comfortable in a pair of boxer briefs or slim swim trunks. This is well and fine until just about now, when the wind chill picks up and the temperatures drop lower than you thought you did back in high school any time Lil John & the East Side Boyz came on at a dance.

As I was beginning to store away all my swim trunks for the winter, I began to think of achieving a look that was equally as comfortable and freeing. So I started to ponder just what that would be. Footie pajamas in a nice pale blue color? A cape? Maybe keep the swim trunk snap just layer the Hell out of them? Then I had a moment of clarity – Thermals as outerwear! Of course. Why haven’t I though about this before.

So to successfully do this you have to do three things:

First, find a great pair of thermals that are made well with a thick fabric. If they are too think you will look practically naked. Tani makes great thermals.

Second, keep the look mostly monochromatic. This will keep your look sleek and sophisticated. If you start mixing too many colors here you can easily begin to look like you just ran out on a really bad slumber party.

Finally, accessorize correctly. This is extremely important in allowing this look to pass for streetwear. I styled my thermals with a matching beanie and bold black accessories in the form of a leather jacket and boots. The black leather grounds the look and completes the mission of trying to rock thermals as outerwear.






(Thermals: Tani/ Jacket: Jack Henry NYC/ Hat: Alps & Meters/ Boots: Samuel Hubbard) 


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