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Dressing During Transitional Times Can Get Weird

Like mentally draining weird.

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Why is dressing in the fall so mentally draining?

I personally get so excited for autumn weather at the end of august. However, when mid November starts to roll around I am exhausted. I personally find that fall styling requires flexing a very specific kind of brain muscle, one that is emotional, and by that I mean sensitive to the temperamental fluctuations of the world in which it exists.

Do I wear the parka yet? Can I not freeze and wear some of my favorite fall jackets? Is this jacket cute enough for the meeting I have today and will still keep me warm when the sun sets at 4PM? Will I look a fool in this freezing weather rocking a pale blue bomber? These are all thoughts that go through my head each morning before heading out of the house. I can go on, but at some point you just comment to receiving comments on Instagram asking if you live in the same city dressed like its 60 degrees out.

At the end of the day this pale blue bomber makes me happy. So what if it’s cold. So what if it’s snowing. I feel good. Thank you for listening to my take on the weirdness of clothes that manage to make no sense and so much sense all at once?

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