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Embracing a New Kind of Sex Appeal

The kind that includes men rocking a hot pink Balenciaga crushed velvet turtleneck top with matching gloves.

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The link between style and sexuality has existed for centuries. Men in Elizabethan England were considered sexy if they dressed effeminate matching queen Elizebeth’s aesthetic. As time went on sexy dress for men consisted solely of well tight jeans and a T-shirt.

Cultural norms dictate many of the ways these style and sexuality intersect. Luckily, a number of modern day designers offer up refreshing alternatives. Enter Balenciaga.

I experimented with the idea of  style and sexuality at the launch party of the Moxy Downtown. To do this I rocked a super tight, hot pink Balenciaga crushed velvet turtleneck top with matching gloves. If I had to sum up the top in a single word, “sexy” is the first that bubbles to the surface. But for many others who gave me the sideways stank eye as I sashayed by them on the streets of NYC I’m sure another word came to mind. But what I consider sexy is very different from what other people consider sexy. Being self-confident and just a little bit weird while simultaneously blurring gender lines is sexy to me. Men if you feel fem and experimental go FEM. Like those dashing guys of the 18th century. Don’t be scared.

There’s nothing sexier than being exactly who you are.

(Top: Balenciaga/ Pants: Topman/ Shoes: Christian Louboutin)

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