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24 Hours In Milan

Thinking about heading to Milan? Yea, us too. Book the jet.

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Although I live in NYC, Milan is always home to me. I believe that everyone has a spiritual home, a place where you either lived in a past life or have a strong cosmos connection to. Milan is that place for me. Whenever I have the time, I love to travel there, discover new places where to grab a coffee with friends, go to an interesting exhibition or just relax and have an Aperol Spritz. Just like last summer, when I discovered some really amazing pizza there.

So I decided to put together a day in Milan for any traveler looking for real magic in this heady Italian city.

First step: starting the day right with a cappuccino or espresso and an amazing cornetto or more commonly called a croissant.  Head to Pave, where I discovered amazing croissant and cool contemporary artists sipping their morning coffee. Second: watching Milan from the center by the Doumo. Ive been to Milan more time then I can count and I still love this spot. The city's life is so poignant here and there is a real energy that you can feel.

Then head down to Fondazione Prada for an early drink and countless photo ops. I eat a lot in Milan, so after a drink I head for lunch PotafioriThis place is pure magic and a perfect example of the cool that is invading Milan. Part flower shop, part cocktail bar and all day restaurant-cafe, you will want to spend more that a couple of hours in this floral wonderland. 

After lunch walk around the city and discover Milan the way the Milanese intended you to - slightly drunk, very full and starry-eyed. Spend a few hours in the garden by the Sforza Castle, enjoying the cool breeze of the park. Have dinner at Dry, a hip new pizza place offering up delicious Napoli style pies and cocktail recipes that date back to the early 1900's.

What do you do when you have some free time for yourself in Milan?


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