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24 Hours In St Petersburg Russia

St Petersburg is a city filled with magic from the Winter Palace to the phantasmagorical Church of the Spilled Blood, everything seems to be glittering.

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You'll be surprised how much of St Petersburg you can see in just 24 hours. So arm yourself with comfortable shoes, a great hotel to call home, Uber and get ready for an adventure!

Once you arrive in the city check into the Corinthia Hotel St. Petersburg. The grand interiors drenched in black marble, plush purple velvet and dim red lighting echoes the audacious yet timid style of the city.

After you check in and have a coffee, head out onto the famous Nevsky Prospect (the city's main boulevard) located just out the doors from the Corinthia Hotel. Then after a little stroll request an uber and head to the Hermitage museum. Uber is so incredibly reliable while traveling. You never have to stress about not speaking Russian or how to get form point A to point B.

The Hermitage museum is something out of a fairy tale! Start at the Winter Palace, one of the main buildings, where you will encounter lavish gold carvings and rooms so stunning you will be distracted momentarily from the surrounding art work. Before you go be sure to check out the Peacock Clock from the collection of Catherine the Great. If only Instagram existed during those times!

Next, head to the Russian Museum and check out the collection of Russian art ranging from medieval religious icons, to avant-garde works by Kandinsky.

For lunch head to Kvartirka if you are seeking a taste of the USSR. The café is known for its soviet-style décor complete with soviet-style paneling, soviet films and a Russian bar experience. When you sit down for lunch hit up the Scheduled Rides feature with Uber, which allows you to set your pickup date, time, location, destination, ride type, and get a fare estimate. This feature is honestly one of my favorites and allows you to relax and not worry about timing.

After lunch jump in your uberX and head to the phantasmagorical Church of the Spilled Blood.  This is an architectural landmark of central St Petersburg, and a unique monument to Alexander II the Liberator. Tsar Alexander was attacked and the Tsar was killed here by an anarchist conspirator who tossed a grenade in his carriage. They say you can still see his blood dried in the grout of the tiles.

Then head to St. Isaac's Cathedral  nearby, and get ready to be impressed by its enormous size and striking interior. If you want to work off lunch climb to the top for panoramic views of the city.

Head back to the hotel to get dressed for an elegant evening in St Petersburg.

Have dinner at the chic Imperial Restaurant restaurant located directly in the hotel and offers up decadent Russian cuisine in the most lavish setting overlooking Nevsky Prospect. After dinner you must head to the historic Mariinsky Theatre to catch a ballet. There’s no better way to head to the theatre than in a sleek uberBLACK. It’s the perfect way to feel like a member of the Russian imperial family for the night! Since the theatre can be crowded, using the Sharing ETA/ Trip Status feature to alert you friends when you arrive is amazing! When you request a ride and a driver accepts, you can swipe up on your app screen and tap send status to share your ETA with family/friends. This shares your trip details with friends or family this way you can all meet out front before being dazzled by the theatre’s interiors.

After the ballet, head back to the Corinthia St Petersburg and grab a night cap in the hotels regal bar where live jazz music is played every night! The perfect way to unwind from the lively day before a well-earned, restorative night’s sleep.


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