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Hotel Like Jagger: Vigilius Mountain Resort In South Tyrol

Just a little nearer to paradise.

06 . 09 . 16



Ah hotel living: your room is cleaned for you daily. There’s a cocktail just a phone call away. And, sometimes the design is so fabulous, it inspires crazy dreams of redecoration upon returning home. We here at Oyster Colored Velvet love to flesh out those unapologetically wonderful hotels from around the world. So dip into OCV’s mini bar, grab a drink and check out how to Hotel Like Jagger. 

It may be home to one of the world’s most beautiful views, but until now South Tyrol has accommodation that genuinely engages visitors on a creative level. Travel down the end of many winding Italian roads and up a steep cabal car that goes into the clouds and you will stumble upon sleek wooden beams two storeys high stretched horizontally for several hundred metres. Also known as the Vigilius Mountain Resort in South Tyrol.

At the Vigilius cabin windows frame spectacular views of velvety mountains, people leave their phones in their rooms and talk in hush tones and the outside world fades away into the clouds .  The hotel’s ethos extends to the ground floor restaurant, which hosts a budding restaurant and sits adjacent to a café, all open to the local community. There are no pictures in the rooms (or anywhere else in the hotel for that matter); the art is provided by Vigilius' stunning setting. And man is it stunning. It is a place to come and get lost in tranquility.

If you're struggling to relax (this would never occur) try a dip in a fresh-hay bath. Toxins are purged as the temperature rockets.
The crowning glory however, is the third-floor events space. Here an infinity pool is joined with a hedonistic spa that allows for ours of floating in an endless pool with an infinite view of the South Tyrolean mountains. Whirlpools inside and outside. Just a little nearer to paradise.


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