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Edgy Veggies That Make You Look Younger

These veggies are so hot right now.

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It’s Thursday! Time to party! And nothing says unadulterated fun like edgy veggies. Am I right? Of course not. But since summer is quickly approaching and we have all agreed that we’re going to start eating better, Lets focus our attention on veggies that not only are great for us, but also make us look younger. Because edgy veggies are more then just good for our bellies.

It wasn’t funny yesterday and I don’t think it’s become funnier today, but there you have it. Here’s what you’ll need to try in terms of veggies that make you look younger.


Belgian leeks

Belgian leeks, like all members of the allium family, contain a compound called campesterol, which is anti-inflammatory. An anti- inflammatory diet keeps you looking young, feeling healthy and happy because you look so good.


Baby Brussel Sprouts

The mini-me version of the Brussels sprout is actually marble-size. How cute is that right?  Aside form being adorable they are actually easier to cook. There’s no need to trim tough leaves or halve them before cooking. They have a sweeter, less bitter flavor and a more delicate texture than the full-size variety, but they pack the same cancer-fighting power as the large fellas.



Aside from looking flowery and sexy (yea veggies can be hot) this green contains four times the beta carotene of an apple, and a whopping 238 percent of your daily recommended dose of vitamin K per 100 grams—two compounds that keep skin youthful.


Kale Sprouts

Also called Kalettes, this Brussels sprouts/red Russian kale hybrid combines the best of both: It’s leafy on top, with a softer texture and a delicious nutty flavor. One serving is loaded with heart-protective vitamins C and A.


Kapia Peppers

This little red guy is an European import has the bright red color of a bell pepper but is even sweeter. They also contain hunger-quashing and cancer-fighting capsaicin found in other peppers—without the heat and keep your skin looking radiant.

Don’t they seem delicious? I’ve been on a veggie kick since I’ve stopped eating meat 3 years ago so I know my greens.



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